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When was the last time you thought about cleaning the upholstered furniture in your living, dining, and family rooms? I’ve had many of our clients tell me, “We very rarely use the living room, how much dirt can accumulate on that furniture?” What people don’t realize is that fabric, by its very nature, acts like an air filter. Fabrics collect dust, smoke, cooking oils and other indoor particulents. I then ask them, “How often do you dust the surfaces of the furniture in your home?” The same amount of dust and dirt that accumulates on the surface of your coffee table for instance is collecting on your upholstered chairs, sofas, and loveseats! Often this type of soil is evenly distributed and collects gradually so its effects go unnoticed. Now imagine all of this dirt ground into the fabric by sitting and lying on the furniture… now add a little body oil, perspiration, a little food residue, and soda to the mix…Not too appealing is it?…

Repeatedly, our clients tell us they schedule the upholstery cleaning before holiday guests arrive. But they can’t remember, did they have the furniture cleaned last Thanksgiving… or was it the Thanksgiving before???

Think about this, you wouldn’t wear a shirt day after day simply because it didn’t look dirty. For the same reason your upholstered furniture requires routine cleaning. Furniture that is routinely used should be cleaned every 12 to 18 months. But, in the meantime in every household accidents occur, which may require the skills of a professional…

clean furniture servicesThe best advice we can give is when you purchase new upholstered furniture… call us to have the fabric treated with a protector such as Teflon™ or Scotchgard™. These protectors delay the penetration of the spill from setting into the fabric for about as long as it will take for you to get a clean, dry cloth to soak up the spill. You can then clean the area following the manufacturer’s recommendations. For stains that require professional care, call us and we will do our best to assist you over the phone. If more assistance is required we can schedule an appointment to provide what assistance may be needed.


Just want to let John know thrilled I was with the carpet and sofa cleaning. They look brand new. Of course you know that I will not hesitate to refer you to friends and family.

-Betsy K.

Thanks for doing such a great job for my friend, Chris. I saw her this past week and she was so pleased with you and your service…. You should also be getting a call from another friend of mine…

-Linda S.