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Do you remember how dazzling and bright your tile and grout lines were? Are you tired of spending weekends on your hands and knees with a scrub brush and nasty smelling cleaning products only to have the dirt, mineral deposits, and water marks reappear…

Even if you keep your tile floor clean, your grout can absorb many bad things. Dirt, bacteria, mold, and mildew can easily find their way into your grout and over time they sink deeper and deeper as gravity pulls it through this porous surface.

You have better things to do then to spend your time cleaning!

Burdick’s has the expertise to effectively clean tile and grout. We restore the original brilliance to, kitchen, bath, and sunroom tile. And the tile and grout cleaningdirt seemingly trapped in the grout… we can remove that too!

When you wet mop or scrub your grout, it’s hard to remove the dirt.  The dirt can be bleached with cleaning products and harsh chemicals so it doesn’t appear as dark, but it is left behind with traditional cleaning methods.   Some of it makes it into the rinse water or surface of the rag or mop, but most of it is being absorbed back into the porous grout lines.

Our process enables us to pressure wash your tile and grout in a self contained unit.  Once the dirt is loosened from the tile and grout by the spinning power washing heads, and the surface is sanitized from the high temperature of the water, we extract the remaining slurry to the external waste water tank.

After we’ve completed the power washing and extraction process, we can then seal all the grout lines.  Even if your grout lines were sealed when the floor was installed, that protective coating will wear away over time and will be removed from the aggressive nature of our cleaning method.  It is recommended that sealer is reapplied every two years due to wear.

Finally, we will give you tips on proper tile cleaning and maintenance so you can extend the results you get from our cleaning and grout sealing.


I highly recommend Burdick’s Cleaning not only for carpet and upholstery cleaning but for granite polishing as well. John came to my home and polished my granite, it looked better than it did when it was first installed when he finished! It was such a pleasure having him in my home. He was as excited as I was about the job. It is nice when someone working on your home cares as much for your home as you do! Thank you Burdick’s Cleaning!

-Joanie H

In addition to having all of our carpets cleaned by Burdick’s Cleaning, we had them clean the ceramic tile and grout in our kitchen.  They did an awesome job!  The kitchen floor was so clean and white again that it looked as though it had just been installed the day before.  I would recommend it for anyone who has any ceramic tile in their kitchen and bathrooms.

-Chris K.