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We all love our pets, but it’s no secret that they can cause quite a mess sometimes! What you may not know is that whenever your pet soils on your carpet, it can be causing extensive damage to your carpets that regular carpet cleaning does not address.

pet odor removalWhether you are potty training a new puppy or have an older pet that has the occasional accident, your carpet can develop a lot of stains and odors. In addition to what you can see, pet urine quickly penetrates through the carpet and to the pad and subfloor, making it nearly impossible to “blot up.” Over time, you will notice lingering odors and stains may reappear after cleaning the area as the carpet fibers absorb urine from the carpet pad or subfloor.

Pet odors are treatable using a specialized enzyme that breaks down residual urine and other biological material in your carpets. If stains are present, we can treat the individual spots to remove soiling deep down in the carpet, or if there is a large area that has been affected, full odor and spot removal services are available.