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and Window Fashion Cleaning

Is your hardwood floor looking a little dull? Our innovative cleaning process can get them clean!

Hardwood floors are absolutely gorgeous and can be very reliable, but even hardwood floors are prone to collecting dust and debris and can suffer from stains and skid marks. Dust, dirt, debris, dander, and even mold can build up between the cracks of your hardwood floors, damaging that natural shine and fostering the growth of bacteria.


hardwood floor cleaningRegular cleaning can’t reach the stubborn dirt that lies deep in the slats of your hardwood floor.We use a high-speed rotary brush system and specialized cleaning solution which:

  • Breaks up the toughest grime and contaminates
  • Squeegees out trapped dirt
  • Extracts both dirt and excess cleaning solution using a powerful vacuum
  • Doesn’t damage the floor finish!

Once cleaned we apply a topical maintenance solution in your choice of matte, satin or gloss to give your floor a uniform, overall sheen. The professionals at Burdick’s will have your hardwood floors sparkling with the brightest shine possible. Floors can be walked on and used shortly after we are done!

Burdick’s can ensure that your hardwood always looks new and lasts longer!