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Granite countertops and floors are both beautiful and extremely durable, but over time the surface can appear dull or scratched. Certain cleaning products, water, and everyday use can diminish the shine on your granite surfaces, leaving you longing for a beautiful, shiny, polished granite surface like it was new.

granite countertop cleaningBurdick’s Cleaning can help! Because granite is so durable, our professional technicians can restore your granite surfaces back to like-new condition with our advanced granite polishing service. This service will remove any buildup and residue, smooth out any scratches or imperfections, and leave your granite countertops or floors shiny and beautiful.

Why Did My Granite Surfaces Dull?

Most often, using the incorrect cleaning products can dull and damage the surface of your granite. Most household cleaners containing ammonia or vinegar are in fact too harsh for use on granite surfaces, despite the hardness of the material. And because granite is such a hard surface, it requires specialized equipment to effectively polish and restore the surface.

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