Carpet, Upholstery, Tile & Grout, Hardwood Floor
and Window Fashion Cleaning

John Burdick –Owner and Cleaning Guru 

John is the face of Burdick’s Cleaning. He got his start in the cleaning business way back in junior high school. One of his teachers moonlighted as a cleaner after school, weekends and over the summers. He needed an assistant, John needed money to buy a car and the rest is history! He started Burdick’s Cleaning in 1991, and ran with it full time in 1996. John is a bounty of technical knowledge and really loves taking on those unique textiles and challenges. He especially likes cleaning fine wool rugs, silk and other unique upholstered pieces. He continues to seek out professional development opportunities so that he can stay ahead of all the trends in cleaning and textiles. He knows the best way to handle any type of surface. He’s most proud of those customers that started out with him and remain our customers to this day. Being a family owned business takes up a lot of time. When John is not working you can find him relaxing by the pool or TV, doing yard work, riding quads, camping or enjoying the company of family and good friends.