Burdick’s Cleaning has teamed up with our sister company Fiber ProTector of Delaware Valley to offer Burdick’s clients carpet and textile protection that provides continual durability.

The fabric treatment specialists at Fiber ProTector of Delaware Valley have been offering preventative maintenance solutions for carpets and textiles for over 20 years. Our fiber treatment can be applied to all fabrics and carpets, including but not limited to silk, cotton, suede, synthetics, and leather. Your fabric’s natural properties are safe with our treatment. Our treatment does not affect your fabrics appearance or feel. Our Fiber protector is virtually undetectable. The only time you will be able to tell your furniture is covered in fiber protector is when a mishap occurs and the invisible shield protects your fabric.

Fiber ProTector has created a fiber protector that has the lowest friction of any known material creating an invisible shield around every piece of fiber it’s applied to. All types of fluids, dirt, and soils are deflected by this powerful invisible shield. Permanents stains become a thing of the past.

Fiber ProTector has also been known to reduce the damaging effects of UV/Sun fade, abrasive soils, and static electricity that are known to cause fading and fraying in fabrics. Even the indoor air quality of your home or office improves! How is that possible? Once your carpets and textiles are treated with Fiber ProTector airborne irritants are more easily removed from areas that are vacuumed.

Fiber ProTector offers unique advantages to reduce maintenance and care cost while increasing the life span of the investment you made.

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